Bea goes to India 2006

A place to house periodic comments from Bea while she backpacks her way through India and Nepal.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Less than one week to go. Excited and nervous, which I think is a reasonable combination. I try not to overthink my anxious bits... guess they need attention if there is something productive I can do for the issue, but not worth dwelling on if I am just worrying and not taking any action.

Have too much stuff -- have asked the airline if I qualify for their 2-piece concept which is offered to some US and Canadian passengers. If I don't qualify, may take two anyway and just pay the fee... at this point the editing of items seems more stressful than spending $140 for the extra piece!

Packing has been a fascinating study of choices and thinking patterns... {just how much toilet paper does one think would be useful in this situation!!! } A friend of mine sat down with the recommended packing list and my pile and actually added back in some of the things I was thinking of eliminating [plus loaning me a pair of waterproofs] -- I'm sure some things might never be used, but if I needed them, I would REALLY need them...I'm done with pre-trip shots and on malaria meds.

Most of the details are in order for putting my life on hold here -- today I'm working on the lists for the couple that will look after my place as well as completing my income tax forms.

This trip has made me more conscious of time and space -- and thoughtful in ways I probably should always be about how the threads hold us together. I will have a new baby in my universe while I'm gone [hoping for a glimpse before I left, but she's being a bit slower arriving than we expected!] Have a friend going through radiation/chemo/surgery/chemo. And a friend who will likely run out of a box of coffee filters. You will likely see the "Pink Panther" without me, and the first flowers of spring. But we will see the same moon and similar stars each night. Very far apart, and yet very close. Technology allows us to communicate in ways that our ancestors would likely find magical, perhaps even frightening. And we assume the internet, satellite phones, instantaneous newscasts, complete with photos...

I deeply appreciate all the kindnesses that have come my way as I ramp up for this adventure. One friend asked me what food I was interested in for my "last supper" (!) with her before I leave -- chose pizza since I think that will be a rare experience while I'm gone... also cooked myself some dal in anticipation of enjoying that staple in the Himalayas (good thing I liked it!!!!)

Take care, each of you. Enjoy YOUR wonderful experiences too -- though they be different than mine, they are no less interesting. b