Bea goes to India 2006

A place to house periodic comments from Bea while she backpacks her way through India and Nepal.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

at the last possible moment, things changed

so we were planning to meet the four who had just been to Amritsar as they had a layover in Delhi before going to the coast. and the warning changed, so we were able to enter Nepal... a bit of shock for us all, and a mad scramble -- canceled the train tickets, bought plane tickets to Kathmandu... tried in vain to contact our friend that was in Thailand, notified the two that were already in Nepal... one remained in the capital, the other was in a national park and will be joining us for the trek rather than doing it solo....

and we flew up here yesterday. SO excited to be doing the Everest Base Camp trek -- we will leave on the 8th... yes, that really is day after tomorrow!!!!!!! buying stuff and smiling and trying not to worry about the things I cannot change...

I'm in the midst of another upper respiratory infection -- perfect timing. will see a dr tonight if I'm not dramatically better. think some of it was the pervasive heat/dirt in Delhi that aggravated my sinuses... but flying didn't help.

I can see why Andy likes the Darjeeling area of India -- Nepal has some of the same feel -- greener and cleaner and generally a welcome change.

took a cash advance on my Visa and bought lots of things this morning -- a heavier sleeping bag, thicker fleece, treking trousers, aluminum water bottle... and have a down jacket on order... those rupees just flew out of my pockets!

off to meet everyone; think we will do some touristy things this afternoon -- they are all going white-water rafting tomorrow [I declined the priviledge -- not only do I need the time to physically/mentally prepare to trek, I just don't enjoy being scared and wet -- not my cup of tea I guess...]

grins, b