Bea goes to India 2006

A place to house periodic comments from Bea while she backpacks her way through India and Nepal.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

it feels a bit like a turning point

we are in Delhi for the last time mid-trip -- and commenting with a bit of surprise that we are about half-way through from a calendar perspective... it is stunning how quickly the time passes.

I have dropped off yet more stuff I think I don't desperately need to be stored until the end of May... and trying to use up some of the things that I have purchased in larger packages and I will buy smaller next time -- not used to that concept -- but when I have to schlepp it about, it certainly makes sense to shop more often and carry as light as possible!!

I picked up a card from Operations Training {thank you very much -- yes, e-mails are nice, but I'm still fond of the hold-it-and-savor-it variety of communication!!!!} If anyone else has sent anything to Delhi, I'll receive the day before I fly to London... I've also updated the entry describing address for sending stuff to Nepal -- our leader thinks that general delivery is a bit less reliable than sending something care of the trekking company that is helping with all our arrangements.

Regarding the comments in the card:
  • thanks for missing me. That warms my heart and means a great deal to me. Perhaps that will become one of my life goals: Conduct myself in such a way that I am genuinely missed when I leave!
  • no, I will never be a Sherpa -- we meet local people going on trails that we struggle with in hiking boots and poles -- they are wearing flip flops and often carrying a far bigger/heavier load!!! I think they are tough and far more fit than us -- perhaps more used to hard labor and discomfort.
  • yes, I love the mountains -- they speak to me, perhaps as the sea resonates with some people
  • and no, I haven't learned enough Hindi script to be able to read Sujata's comments
when we leave from here, we will make a circle -- a little southeast to Bandavgarh Tiger Reserve, then back up to the Ganges for a float, then Varanasi for a day or so -- then up to Darjeeling and trek number one.

from there we enter Nepal overland about the middle of April , travel across and up to the capital of Kathmandu by April 23rd[seeing Chitwan national park, white-water rafting, mountain biking, canyoneering... some days that sounds like far too much adrenaline for me!!!] I'm definitely opting out of the mountain biking, and since I am not a strong swimmer, may skip some of the other activities as well... would rather enjoy myself and stay as healthy as possible for the second trek. My knees are grumpy now, so I will be saving them whenever I can.

from this point to Kathmandu, it will be harder to have access to a computer [the towns are smaller...] I'll do what I can, but make no promises -- I know those that are reading this seems to enjoy my adventures, and your responses are encouraging -- makes me feel far less homesick to know some people half-way round the earth are paying attention!!!

curiousity helps in so many difficult circumstances.... those of us in the group that are able to accept the constraints of a situation [ie, the local bus or a sleeper train] have a dramatically better experience than those that are fighting it -- complaining that people touch them or that their seat is hard or that it is cold or too hot or or whatever...

it seems like a reasonable metaphor for life -- honestly look at what is happening to you, and make the best of it... greet/acknowledge those that touch you, sit on something soft if you are noticing the lack of padding, put on a coat or shorts or something to regulate your temperature... dealing with reality while taking whatever action you can to increase your comfort seems like the wisest and easist choice -- and it is much better for your colleagues as well

can you tell I have no patience for whiners? especially when I can't do anything for their drama. Deal with it! Or at least shut up about it
take care, remember to smile - we live in a wonderful fascinating universe.
:) b