Bea goes to India 2006

A place to house periodic comments from Bea while she backpacks her way through India and Nepal.

Monday, February 20, 2006

weary I am...

I'm in the midst of a course of antibiotics [decided this round of travelers' diarrhea is unpleasant enough to treat it] -- three people hurling in the last 24 hours -- we now have only one team member out of 11 who has not been ill -- some have had a couple of rounds of complaints...

some of it is the heat and that we are not used to working in it -- the rest is likely hygene of ourselves and the water/food -- it is truly an unremittingly dirty place.

we were talking on the bus ride in that we are far more settled in the realities of the experience. For instance:
- we often don't even comment on a smell unless it is truly rank.
- we've gotten far more forward with saying no to beggars.
- we have become more cynical about some situations
- we have become more grateful -- kindnesses and simple luxuries like a toilet are especially apprecitated...............

We went to the Jodhpur fort over the weekend -- VERY impressive -- the largest and most ornate fort/castle/museum I think I've ever seen... it was humorous to see one of the rooms decorated with oversized christmas tree decorations -- they said that it was a treat from the western world that was used in place of the mirrors that were traditional.

tomorrow night we are planning dinner out at the Maharaja's Palace [current residence, high-class restaurant... perhaps our most expensive meal here]

we decided to extend our time in the Thar desert to 2 nights -- originally only one... but the amount of time actually on a camel will remain just about the same... right now that seems so far off, but I'm sure we will arrive at that part of our itenary before I know it.

think that's all for now. hoping for a happier gut and a sense of humor by the time I post again.

:) b